SkateBack: MapleXO + Grove are back … or maybe more appropriately, are backING your iPhone

MapleXO is an awesome Portland company that makes cool stuff out of recycled skateboards. Grove is an awesome Portland company that makes protective coverings for your favorite electronic gadgets and devices, usually out of bamboo.

But sometimes we get lucky enough that both of those awesome companies collaborate on a project.

Get ready to feel lucky. With the new MapleXO + Grove product, the iPhone SkateBack.


At approximately 1/16 of an inch thick, SkateBacks protect the iPhone from damage while coupling the sleek Apple design with classic skateboard aesthetic. Unique is an understatement. Our SkateBacks are made at Grove’s workshop here in Portland, OR, with a combination of high-tech machinery and good old-fashioned handiwork. Three general color types are available to choose from: Calm, Neutral, or Vibrant. However, each SkateBack is as singular as a snowflake – no two are exactly alike!

For more information or to make your iPhone even more awesome, visit Grove’s SkateBack section.

  1. […] company recently teamed up with Grove, another of our favorite Portland-based companies, to debut the SkateBack: a delightful iPhone accessory made from recycled […]

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