Need help filtering Spotify music? Try the Intel Sifter to get a little help from your friends

When it comes to finding new music, Spotify has become the go to resource. But sometimes, it can be too much of a good thing. And you could use a little help finding new tunes.

Enter the Intel Sifter, a new branded app for Spotify that leverages your social graph to help you find tunes.

The app was built by local shop The Brigade. “The Brigade just launched Sifter our first app designed & built on the Spotify platform for Intel,” they wrote. “Sifter is a visual music discovery experience built around your social connections.”

According to AdAge:

Spotify introduced apps late last year with music publishers such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and Billboard so that third parties could create playlists from the service’s 16 million songs. The brand apps, which will first be available in the U.S., operate the same way.

Sound interesting? Install the app on Spotify. For more info on the project, visit The Brigade.

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