What are you doing this weekend? That’s right. Completing your Portland Seed Fund application.

It’s that time of year. The sun is out. Birds are singing. Blues musicians are playing on the waterfront. And you? You don’t get to see any of that. Because you have to finish your Portland Seed Fund application, procrastinator pants.

What’s that? Portland Seed Fund applications? That’s right, my friend. It’s getting close to the deadline. And the future of your startup might be at stake.

We select entrepreneurs with a great idea and the passion and grit to see it through. We invest in ‘classes’ of 6-8 entrepreneurs at a time, start them with an initial $25,000 investment, and see what they do in 90 days. We surround them with mentors, subject matter experts and a peer group of entrepreneurs that understand their challenges and share their successes. We reserve follow-on capital for top performers and introduce them to other funders, partners and acquirers. We repeat the cycle every six months, resulting in ~25 investments every two years.

We are sector-agnostic in our investments and favor capital-efficient, highly-scalable companies with high-growth potential. We passionately believe that the Portland, Oregon region is the best place to build entrepreneurial companies and proud of our role seeding the best growth companies efficiently and effectively.

Applications are due July 9.

For more information or to apply, please visit Portland Seed Fund.