What’s the big idea? IdeaMensch swings by Portland as part of nationwide summer road trip

Lots of events designed to expand your thinking and encourage you to get going lately. Last weekend, Portland hosted the World Domination Summit. Tonight, IdeaMensch—a blog which features interviews with leading thinkers—comes through town as part of its summer road trip.

What’s the idea behind IdeaMensch?

Ideas by themselves are of little value. Whether your idea is an app, a nonprofit, a book, a website or an invention – what matters is that and how you bring it to life. And really it doesn’t matter whether the idea you’re bringing to life is a business, a project or a cause – the one thing that connects all of us is our passion for what we’re building.

That’s the assumption IdeaMensch (created in Portland) is built upon. And that’s why during our events we bring in a wide range of awesome speakers who then spend 10-15 minutes talking about an idea they brought (or are bringing to life), how they did and what you can learn from it. And then you’ll have 10 minutes to ask them questions and continue the conversation.

Sounds interesting right? And they’ve got some great Portland speakers for the event, including Tim O’Leary, the CEO of R2CGroup; Jennifer Foss, the face behind the popular blog JobJenny.com; Ryan Wines, Managing Partner at Marmoset Music; and Paresh Patel, CEO of VendScreen.

The event takes place tonight at Instrument, beginning at 6PM. There are still a few tickets available for $20.

For more information or to register, visit IdeaMensch Portland.