You, only better looking: Vizify and Path.to chat about reinventing your job search

Remember when you signed up for LinkedIn? That moment of promise? That idea that you’d suddenly have something far better than HotJobs and Monster for representing your skill set the next time you went job hunting?

Okay, granted. That didn’t really pan out. But times—and technology—have changed. And now there’s a whole new crop of companies hoping to make your online profile and your online job searches better than ever.

Well get ready to be happy, Portland. As luck would have it, we have one of those companies right here in town. And another coming soon. As such, we’ve got the opportunity to hear from those two, this Tuesday: recently launched Vizify and soon-to-be-available in Portland Path.to.

Portland-based Vizify just released their online profiles, a new way to present yourself online. Taking a step beyond traditional Web-based resumes, Vizify combs through your online profiles, analyzes your behavior, and delivers a customized view of your online profile. Not only is it a visually compelling means of presenting yourself online, it also provide potential employers with a one-stop resource for exploring your skills and talents.

Soon to be available in Portland, Path.to puts the power of your social graph to work, enabling you to find jobs you’ll actually love. Why should personalized recommendations be relagated to restaurants and products? Path.to connects you with the right job opportunities in technology and design through personalized recommendations from people you trust.

And even if the whole “job search” thing isn’t your cup of tea, this is still a great opportunity to hear two entrepreneurs talk about the challenges of building a business in a world supposedly dominated by an 800 lbs gorilla or two.

The event will be held Tuesday evening at 6:00PM, hosted by PIE. And as an added bonus, we’ll be test driving a new event venue—right next door to Voodoo Doughnut—called 220 Studio.

Space is limited, so RSVP for the Vizify and Path.to talk as soon as you can. But definitely before Wednesday. Because, well, by then it will be over.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Vizify and Path.to: Reinventing the job search.

(Image courtesy smiling_iguana. Used under Creative Commons.)