Make cool stuff? Show it off at Portland Mini Maker Faire

If Maker Faire is a gathering of people who make awesome stuff and Portland’s crafty hobbyist culture motivates a lot of people around here to make cool stuff, then it stands to reason that Portland should have some kind of Maker Faire, here, right?

Get ready to be happy. Portland will be hosting a Mini Maker Faire in September. And you’re invited to exhibit what you’ve made.

According to Core77:

Maker Faire is a weekend filled with an incredible variety of exhibits, talks, demonstrations, and performances bridging arts, crafts, science and engineering—many of them hands-on and all of them engaging. Maker Faire is a reflection of our community at its very best.

If you (or someone you know) would like to participate in the Portland Mini Maker Faire you can submit an application on the OMSI website. Entries can be submitted from individuals as well as from groups, such as hobbyist clubs and schools. We particularly encourage exhibits that are interactive and that highlight the process of making things.

But you’ve got to hurry. Applications are due August 5 at 11:59PM.

For more information or to apply, visit Portland Mini Maker Faire.

(Hat tip @jkuramot)

  1. cool.

  2. Maybe they need to stay away from “crafts”? because there is already Crafty-Wonderland, Saturday market and Etsy.com for art and crafts, but I think other projects like inventive gadgets would have there own niche being showcased. They do exist at the market to a smaller degree so the awareness and market is there for inventive stuff. Sounds very original and I think it would be accepted by the community and popularized by the event! Great idea!

  3. According to the article, this entry was published after the deadline. Bummer!

  4. This sounds interesting!

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