Put your Portland startup on the map: Sign up to be part of the PDX Startup Crawl, September 6

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: this September in Portland is going to be insanely awesome. There are any number of interesting events happening in town during the month. And now, you’ve got the chance to take part.

All you have to do is sign up to be part of the PDX Startup Crawl taking place September 6, which as luck would have it is the First Thursday of September. During the Time Based Arts festival.

The event will start rolling with a kickoff at the Portland Digital eXperience, and then will dissolve into utter chaos and mayhem, like any First Thursday usually does.

That’s right. Completely open to the public. Whether they attend PDX or not. And completely unstructured. No schedule. No path. Just a map of startups holding open houses. And all you have to do to participate is 1) Sign up and 2) Ensure that someone is around to welcome visitors and maybe provide them with a refreshment or two.

But if you’d like to get more creative than that, feel free. Or if you’d like to put some parameters on what hours you plan to be there, that’s fine, too. In terms of what to do, some folks have already mentioned that they’re going to step it up a notch or two. I mean, it’s like an episode of MTV Cribs for startups.

As an added bonus, if you sign up by Tuesday, August 28, you’ll wind up in the official PDX Startup Crawl map, a chunk of a dead tree that will be handed out to attendees at the Portland Digital eXperience. But even if you miss that date, sign up anyway. We’ll release a virtual map the day of the crawl.

So why not get in on the fun? You’ll be joining any number of awesome Portland startups who are already participating. Like who? Well, like Urban Airship, Jama Software, Geoloqi, Brandlive, PIE, CPUsage, Vizify (They’ll be attending the crawl but not hosting), Upstart Labs, Puppet Labs, Chirpify, GlobeSherpa, Cedexis, Elemental Technologies, and ShopIgniter, to name a few.

Now stop. You can do this. You’re a startup. Adapt. Take a deep breath, fill out the form, and get ready to show off your office space.

We’ll see you on Thursday, September 6.

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  2. […] Still want to get in on the action as a host? Sign up to be part of the PDX Startup Crawl. […]

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