Nodester enshrouded in Fog: Portland’s AppFog acquires open source Node.js platform

It’s always nice to see a Portland startup having the wherewithal to aggressively augment their team with an acquisition. And today, AppFog made a play in that regard, acquiring Nodester, the first and only 100% open source Node.js platform.

According to the AppFog and Nodester blogs:

We are incredibly excited to announce that AppFog has entered into an agreement to acquire Nodester. We have been big fans of Nodester, Chris Matthieu, Alejandro Morales Gámez, and the entire Nodester team and contributors from day one. We feel that their Open Source, developer-centric approach to solving the needs of the Node developer looking for a Platform-as-a-Service is fantastic, very synergistic with what we do and believe that the combination of AppFog and Nodester is going to be a win for our customers.

Apparently, TechCrunch has some additional insight:

According to a leaked memo to customers, AppFog will now run and maintain the Nodester service as it is, but makes a point that it will provide Node support in its AppFog.com service. The company will incorporate Nodester technology into the AppFog.com Node service, and once completed, will provide a migration path from the Nodester service into AppFog. The transition will be completed by January 15, 2013.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more information, read the AppFog blog.

  1. Awesome news for the AppFog guys. So glad to see them continue to kick ass. Keep it up gentlemen.

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