Portland mobile developers: The Square is looking for a few good apps

You know those tabs you leave open in your browser, week after week? “Oh that’s interesting,” your inner monologue tells you. “I should do something with that.”

Well, I’ve had one of those tabs sitting there. And I figured it would be better to just write something quick. In case you missed it.

The Square Live @ 7, KGW’s evening news show, is looking for a few good apps. Or they may be, if you tell them it’s a good idea.

Got an app you’d like featured? Simply think it’s a good idea to get Portland startups more exposure? (I know you do.) Maybe consider firing a complimentary—albeit tardy—tweet to @theSquare.

  1. TablesUp recently did one of these “Tech Box” segments on Live @ 7. It was fun and great exposure for our new restaurant wait time app. They are primarily looking for consumer-facing apps that would be relevant to their viewers.

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