Get in on the fun of the Portland Digital eXperience… for free

If the opening party was any indication, the Portland Digital eXperience (@PDXconf) is off to a good start—for a beta test. And even if you didn’t get a ticket, there’s still an opportunity to participate in the magic happening this week. Two opportunities actually.

Thursday: PDX Startup Crawl

The first open to the public event associated with will be the PDX Startup Crawl, taking place Thursday night. Things begin at Leftbank Annex at 5:30PM. And proceed in a random fashion from there. With the hopes that you’ll wind up at Ground Kontrol around 8PM or so.

If you miss the maps at the kickoff, we’re keeping a Lanyrd page up-to-date with all of the startups participating.

Still want to get in on the action as a host? Sign up to be part of the PDX Startup Crawl.

And we’ll see you on Thursday.

Saturday: MFNW+PDX Music Hack Day

Interested in doing a little hacking with some awesome APIs? Well, you’re in luck. Spotify, Twilio, MapQuest, and Mozilla are sponsoring a music hack hosted at Puppet Labs. It’s truly the perfect tech complement to MusicFestNW.

Like the PDX Startup Crawl, the hack day is open to the public. You get to muck with some cool APIs and who knows? There may be some prize money in the mix. So get all RSVP’d and stuff for the hack.

Why RSVP? Well, for one thing, word around the campfire is that folks who RSVP early will get a special invite to a Spotify event, prior to the hack day. Maybe. You’ll never know unless you sign up.

Hope to see you

September is crazy awesome. Try to get out and enjoy it. And mix it up with some of the interesting folks visiting town—and the amazing people who live here all year.

Hopefully, we’ll see you on the PDX Startup Crawl or at the MFNW+PDX Music Hack Day.