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Portland brick and mortar struggling with going digital? Local Goes Global wants to help

It could be said that “nonessential businesses” are the very heart of Portland. That one wacky coffeeshop. The boutique that sells those things you don’t need but you desperately want. The brewpub that feels like your home away from home… And so when the current pandemic forced those businesses to close — and to stop generating revenue — the very fabric of our community’s culture was put at risk.

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REMINDER: Accelerate Biotech and Digital Health Happy Hour, February 1

As tech becomes more pervasive, we’re seeing more and more interesting, inspiring, and innovative solutions from any number of verticals in Portland. But if I had to pick a sector that has the most momentum and potential, I’d have to say biotech. And nowhere is the potential of that community better showcased and celebrated than the monthly Accelerate Biotech and Digital Health Happy Hour.

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Centralizing marketing data: Portland startup Lytics launches Orchestrate

We have more access to more data points than we’ve ever had. And the more data we consume, the more ways we find to leverage that data. Perhaps no one finds this opportunity more compelling than digital marketing. But with an abundance of data—data which often falls into silos—there are challenges, as well. That’s why Portland’s Lytics has created Orchestrate.

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Design Rocks: Ziggy played guitar. You can play a role in bringing him back from Mars

It’s always nice to see people breaking down silos. And crossing over genres. And media. Portland needs more of that. That’s why I’m intrigued by a local Indiegogo project looking for raise funds for a “Rock ’n’ Roll Art & Design Gala from Mars” to be held during Design Week Portland. Read More

Stylin': Portland's Embodee awarded patent for 3D digital garments

With Nike, Adidas, Columbia, Keen, Nau, and any number of other awesome apparel companies in town, Portland has a rich history of developing innovative clothing. Now, another Portland company is making designing that apparel even easier. Meet Embodee. Read More

Portland Seed Fund III: This time, it's digital

Portland Seed Fund, the local startup accelerator funded by a combination of private and public funds, has announced their next class of startups, a group of eight companies seeking to take their startups to the next level. Read More

Get in on the fun of the Portland Digital eXperience… for free

If the opening party was any indication, the Portland Digital eXperience (@PDXconf) is off to a good start—for a beta test. And even if you didn’t get a ticket, there’s still an opportunity to participate in the magic happening this week. Two opportunities actually. Read More

Students help local startups ZuluTime and LogicBox through Portland State’s Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate program

[Editor: It’s always nice to hear other perspectives on what’s happening with startups in town. The Portland State Digital Marketing class was nice enough to share their experience in which students and startups worked together. This guest post from Lisa Peyton captures that experience.]

Portland State University’s Market Square building was abuzz with excitement and hushed whispers during the final class. The Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate students were waiting for their “clients,” ZuluTime and LogicBox Software, to arrive for their final presentations. Read More

Is that Hellboy in your pocket or are you just Buffy to see me? Dark Horse Comics unveils Dark Horse Digital iPhone and iPad apps

Okay okay. Dark Horse Comics isn’t really a startup. But I could argue that any number of its titles are. And it is in Portland. Well okay Milwaukie. Fine. But you know what? When someone in Portland releases a really cool mobile app? That’s like a startup right there. So I’m totally covering this.

That’s right. Portland’s Dark Horse—the third largest comic publisher in the world—has officially released Dark Horse Digital, its new bookshelf app for iPhone and iPad. Read More

Calling all you digital journalist types! Digital Journalism Social Hour returns November 16

Digital Journalism Social Hour. It was a regular gathering of bloggers, podcasters, and traditional journalists organized by Abraham Hyatt, former managing editor of Oregon Business Magazine and now production editor at ReadWriteWeb.

You might remember a little thing called Digital Journalism Social Hour. It was a regular gathering that sprung out of the inaugural Digital Journalism Camp—an unconference for  bloggers, podcasters, and traditional journalists—organized by Abraham Hyatt, former managing editor of Oregon Business Magazine and now production editor at ReadWriteWeb.

Well, the event took a bit of hiatus. And it was sorely missed. But now—with the help of Betsy Richter of Redoing Media—it’s back. Read More

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