It's like an olive branch of awesomeness: Startup Weekend Eugene offers Portlanders a steep discount

Sure. I get it. Traveling to Eugene can be a bit of haul. But many of you seem to find excuses to make the trip fairly regularly on Saturdays in the fall. So now here’s another reason to head south this autumn: Startup Weekend Eugene, this weekend.

Not biting? Hrmph. Well, what if they give you a bunch of awesome stuff?

Like what? Well, like mentoring, networking with amazing entrepreneur types, seven catered meals, free software from Microsoft Bizspark, free software from Palo Alto Software, free business cards from Moo.com, free domain registration from .CO, stuff from SendGrid, and stuff from Cloudmine. Well and last but not least, the badge of honor of having completed a Startup Weekend.

Still not budging? Okay hardass. How about a discount? Like half off? Would that do it? Good. Because I got one for you. But I had to whine and cry to get it. But I did. Because I like you.

So if you want to get all of that stuff up there for half price, just use the code “PDXwhen you register. Done.

Now all of that? Clearly awesome. But there may be even more awesomeness. It’s true.

Don’t tell anyone I told you but… word around the campfire is that—if enough Portland people register—there may be a chartered bus to get you down there and back. And maybe even housing for the weekend. Shhh! It will be our secret.

For more information, visit Startup Weekend Eugene. For more on all the startup activity in Eugene, visit Silicon Shire.

  1. If you are in Portland and signup, please send an email to pdxstartupweekend {at} gmail dot com if you are interested in a bus down there and sharing accommodations.

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