How is Portland poised to lead design-driven startups?

[Editor: PIE alum KS12 has been working on a piece called “Early Stage,” which has drawn some amazing responses on Quora. I’m sharing Meridian‘s VP of Marketing and Business Development Jeff Hardison‘s response in toto.]


For more on the project, visit “Early Stage.”

(Image courtesy Amara Photography. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. Thanks, Don!

    It’s an issue with the embed code on some browsers. They’re not popups. It’s just mangled code. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to recreate the issue in my browsers, so it makes it a bit difficult to troubleshoot.

    I’d suggest reading the post on Quora proper:

  2. Your blog post is impossible to read due to the popup/overlay adds on the right side, which there is no apparent way to get rid of….not such a good idea if you want people to consider what you are saying

  3. Trouble is, with all those bastards starting their own companies, it’s harder to hire them. Can we import more designer/developers please? Where do I order those online? I couldn’t find them on Amazon…

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