Are you going to go Tiny or go Riot? The future of your Portland startup awaits, this weekend

As we edge ever closer to Global Entrepreneurship Week, any number of local events are helping would be startups find their footing here in town. This weekend, you have the option of choosing to bootstrap or not to bootstrap.

Those interested in bootstrapping their business should take a look at Tiny Startup Camp, an event focused on teaching entrepreneurs how to run successful businesses with very little capital.

What’s a Tiny Startup? Good question. I think it’s a small company that was started by 1-2 people. Hopefully it’s self-funded for very little money, and exists online where things scale to be bigger really easily. It can be a very small idea, that has no bearing on how much money it can make.

Tickets are $50 for the weekend event. But you better hurry. They’re going fast. So get registered for Tiny Startup Camp.

Thinking you’re going to need more than personal funds to bring your startup dream to fruition? Then Startup Riot Portland may be more your speed.

At Startup Riot, you’ll get the chance to pitch investors on your idea. And with any luck, walk away with the kinds of relationships you need to take it to the next level.

But again, you better hurry. If you want to pitch, you have until tomorrow night to apply. If you are an investor or observer, you have to register by Friday at noon. So choose a lane and register for Startup Riot Portland.

(Image courtesy Nick M. Used under Creative Commons.)