You got your Vizify in my Twitter. You got Your Year on Twitter in my Vizify.

Like many startups, Portland’s Vizify—an alum of TechStars Seattle and the Portland Seed Fund—has this tendency of launching something awesome, going dark, and then launching something even more awesome. And given that they’ve been quiet for a while, I’ve been expecting something.

Today they delivered: Your Year on Twitter, a Twitter retrospective powered by Vizify. Think of it as your own personal Google Zeitgeist for your Twitter behavior.

The service combs through up to 3200 tweets from 2012, highlighting your most often used words (In a shocking revelation. my most used word was “Portland”), your Golden Tweet, and your Golden Follower for the year.

This isn’t Portland’s first connection with the juggernaut that is Twitter. The town has a rather interesting series of connections with the service, from its concept days to this latest effort.

Evan “@rabble” Henshaw-Plath who was working at Odeo when Twitter was conceived as Twittr, calls Portland home for a good chunk of the year. Rael “@rael” Dornfest’s Twitter project Sandy was acquired by Twitter. And Alex “@al3x” Payne, who served as Platform Lead at Twitter and worked on the API infrastructure that is credited with Twitter’s explosive growth, called Portland home for a few years.

It’s nice to see Vizify keeping the Portland-Twitter relationship alive. Having Jack Dorsey tweet about it ain’t half bad either.

For more information or to build your own Vizify powered Twitter yearbook, visit Your Year on Twitter.