Making stuff for the makers: Funded Portland startup Tindie aims to be the Etsy for hardware hackers

You’ve heard it time and time again. But it bears repeating: We Portlanders like the making. And the craft. So it only stands to reason that—as one of the leading towns on Etsy and Kickstarter and the home of XOXO—we would be a place where people make things for the makers, so that makers can make more stuff. Well, and money.

Introducing Tindie, a place where hardware hacking types can sell their version of crafty wares, exposed solder and all.

Our mission is to connect the world’s small, hardware businesses with customers all over the world.

Open hardware and the drop in hardware prices are changing technology from the ground up. Today, makers can manufacture a run of boards as easily as custom t-shirts. That has fueled new businesses all over the world. Today, Tindie has makers on every continent except Antartica.

The exciting part is where we go from here. 3d printing, quadcopters, drones, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino are all growing in popularity every day. What innovations will come from these platforms, only time will tell. However Tindie will be there to support the makers building our future.

The site has been running quietly for a while. And apparently the Dorkbot types aren’t the only ones excited about its potential. Tindie announced today that they have raised $500,000 in funding.

“It’s an amazing time in history to be a digital creative,” said Chris DeVore, who invested in Tindie via Founders Co-op. “The Pacific Northwest is an amazing—and unique—place for Makers to make a difference. Founders Co-op is proud to play a small supporting role in this extraordinary community of creators, and to welcome Tindie to our own community of portfolio companies.”

But what if your project isn’t quite ready for prime time? What if takes a little more capital to get off the ground? Tindie also offers Kickstarter-like functionality to help you determine the viability of your concept.

You’ve built a cool little project, and are wondering if other people might buy it – but don’t want to buy the parts up front and take that risk. Tindie Fundraisers solves that exact problem. You’ll be able to list a product, a minimum number of orders, and test the demand over two weeks. As you drum up interest, supporters will be able prepay using the normal Tindie checkout.

If you hit the minimum, the customers are charged, we send you the funds, and you are off & running to fill the orders. If not, supporters will not be charged.

For more information or to begin selling what you’ve built, visit Tindie.

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  3. Way to go Emile!

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