The startup revolution will be televised: KATU launches Stumptown Startups to cover Portland startup scene

Sometimes, wishes do come true. Case in point: I’m always lamenting the fact that there aren’t more resources dedicated to covering all of the awesome startups here in Portland. With a wealth of activity, there should be more outlets covering it. And now that wish has been fulfilled. Another local news source has joined the ranks covering startups.

The ABC affiliate for Portland, KATU, has just launched a new blog to cover the Portland startup scene. Dubbed Stumptown Startups, the blog penned by reporter Erica Nochlin promises to focus coverage on all of the amazing startups that make Portland great. Best of all, they’ll be working to highlight this activity to their entire viewer base—a much broader market for our entrepreneurs.

That’s where I come in. I’m not a software geek or a business guru; I’m a reporter and a storyteller who is exploring Portland’s startup scene and finding it fascinating. I want to spread the word.

On this new blog I will share the latest happenings, products and companies in the Portland area and get to know the people behind them. I will share advice from those who have found financial success and discover the fears of those with only an idea.

I will be a resource for the growing startup community here and for the KATU News viewer who barely realizes that community exists (yet). Oh – and I want this blog to be a resource for me, too. I may put a callout for a company to feature in a news story or simply ask for your feedback.

Erica has featured Portland-based Simple as one of her first stories.


The new KATU blog joins a number of outlets with a growing interest in covering the Portland startup scene. Among them, Mike Rogoway‘s long running Silicon Forest blog and DK Row‘s coverage at The Oregonian, Stephanie Stricklen‘s work with Live at 7 for KGW, Erik Siemers work at the Portland Business Journal, increasing efforts by Willamette Week, and more and more regular pieces by Portland Monthly and Oregon Business.

For more information, visit Stumptown Startups at KATU.