Something new in the cards: Portland Startup Poker 2.0

There are any number of opportunities in the Portland startup scene for people to pitch or geek out or present. But the pure social events are often few and far between. So, it’s nice to see new additions in that regard. Here’s one: If you’re into the cards and low-impact socializing, Portland has launched a Startup Poker 2.0 group.

2013 is going to be a big year for Startup Haven and Startup Poker 2.0. Startup Poker 2.0 events have been running in Seattle for nearly six years. You can check out the definitive infographic to see what that’s meant for Seattle entrepreneurs. I’m humbled to share with you that in 2013 Startup Haven is expanding. The first stop on the World Domination Tour is setting up Poker 2.0 events in Portland. Long-time Poker 2.0 addict, Tyler Phillipi, is leading the organizational efforts there.

Sound interesting? Well, don your big dark sunglasses—or Warby Parkers or whatever you kids are wearing these days—and practice hiding your tells. Then apply to take part in the event.

If your application is accepted, you’ll be joining a bunch of other entrepreneurs at Urban Airship on January 30 at 5:30PM. Not sure you’re a good candidate? Here are some guidelines on who’s a good fit for Startup Poker 2.0.

(Image courtesy Startup Poker 2.0)

  1. You can also send me an email directly to get an invite to this event.

    Tyler.Phillipi at gmail dot com

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