Tenfour: Over and out

It’s never easy sharing this kind of news. But you have to cover the highs and the lows. So I convey this bad news with the hopes that those affected can more quickly recover and find new gigs.

Promising Portland digital agency Tenfour is no more.

There had been a few rumors swirling about Tenfour. But Willamette Week confirmed those rumors, today.

WW has learned that high-profile Portland advertising and marketing agency Tenfour will be shutting down business on February 1, as confirmed by company senior vice president Mark Dagg.

“We marched hard, we accomplished some great things, and to the very last minute it was a hard decision to make,” said Dagg.

“We just couldn’t get enough business, really,” said creative director Mark McCarthy.

Tenfour—the rebranded PMSI, an established Portland marketing agency—had recently attracted a strong core of digital talent. Among their most memorable efforts was Tweet-a-Beer, a combination of Chirpify functionality and Tenfour front-end development that took SXSW 2012 by storm.

While it’s sad to see this company go under, it could prove promising for any number of companies who may be able to snap up this newly available talent.

Best of luck to all of the Tenfour team. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

  1. Wow, sad news – Portland has lost an innovative agency. Best luck to everyone affected; I hope you all move on to evermore creative endeavors!

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