Finally! Online restaurant menus that are legible and accessible on mobile: Menuish

For all of the technological innovation that’s happened over the last decade, one industry has remained decidedly—and someone steadfastly—ingrained in the past: restaurants. Pick any dining establishment out of a hat and it’s a fairly safe bet that their Web presence will be poor, if not downright comical.

But a recent Upstart Labs alum is working to change that.

No more awful PDFs. No more crippled Flash sites on your mobile phone. Just elegant and accessible menus. Introducing Menuish.

Menuish, lets hungry iPhone users search for local restaurant menus by restaurant name, menu name or even dish, and displays restaurant menus in a format that’s easy to read. Along with menus, you’ll find hours of operation, reviews from Google and Yelp, links to Facebook and Yelp profiles of the restaurants, and contact information. Best yet, you can save menus to a “Favorites” file for quick access on take out nights.

The app has hundreds of thousands of restaurant menus in more than 13,000 cities nationwide, thanks to a data partnership with industry leader SinglePlatform.

Here’s a shot of what menus are available in the restaurant-rich Pearl District.


For more information, visit Menuish or read the Upstart Labs post. To download for $0.99, visit Menuish in the App Store.

  1. Very interesting mobile phone app, and I like this a lot! At least I can have access to what the restaurants are offering especially when I need to dine out with my family and friends. This is cool!

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