Even more rock & roll: CASH Music opens hosted platform for public beta

Portland’s CASH Music started with a simple idea: create a platform that allows musicians and labels to more effectively promote themselves without having to pay others. Like WordPress, but focused on the music industry.

And after a super successful Kickstarter project—with 200% funding—they began building out that platform.

Well, now the platform is ready. Or kind of ready anyway. For you to try and break it.

Today we’re opening up the hosted version of our platform to public testing. It’s exciting. And terrifying. There are things we’re still working on, changes to be made, and almost no documentation. But the simple truth is that it works really well for some things, so we figured it was better to share early.

Your feedback might bring new ideas to the surface or reflect some of the changes we’re planning to make. Either way, we’d rather have people using it than not, and it’s time for us to build a real community around this effort. What better way than to open it up to people?

Best of all? Whatever money you make on the CASH Music platform is your money. Period.

Any financial transactions happen in your accounts (Paypal, etc) and we don’t touch a penny. And this version of the platform is the same as the downloadable version — 100% open source so it’s also free in that sense, too. We want to make something lasting.

For more information, read the post on the CASH Music hosted platform. For more on the project, visit CASH Music or follow @cashmusic on Twitter.

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