How high is up? Urban Airship lands another $25 million in funding, led by August Capital

Portland has seen an upswing of funding for startups in recent months. And it’s showing no signs of slowing. The latest announcement? Push-notification juggernaut Urban Airship has secured an additional $25 million in funding—led by August Capital—bringing UA’s total funding up to $46.6 million.

And Foundry, Intel, True, and Verizon all reupped too.

As All Things D put it:

As for Urban Airship, [CEO and cofounder Scott] Kveton said the company aims to be profitable by the first quarter of next year and that the company may look to continue its recent spate of acquisitions.

“We will be opportunistic where and when we need to,” Kveton said. “We’ve got a bunch of money in the bank right now. We’re raising more money. That’s going to give us a war chest.”

Last year was a big year for Urban Airship. They doubled their staff. And quadrupled their push notification volume and revenues. Which puts them somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 billion push notifications served—and up to about 4 billion notifications per month.

Couple that with their presence across four offices—Portland, London, San Francisco, and Palo Alto—and what have you got?

Well, you’ve got a lot of “4”s. But you’ve also got a pretty formidable presence.

And some more “4”s. Hard to believe this all came from four guys running with a nascent communication platform, taking advantage of Oregon’s unemployment compensation for entrepreneurs, buying donuts for the line at WWDC, and struggling to get traction for their concept.

And still hard to believe all of that was a little less than four years ago.

Look at them now. The platform of choice for push notifications, location based push, and Passbook integration. Not only that, despite all of this success, they remain true to their roots as the de facto host of tech events in the Portland startup scene and a driving force in putting Portland startups on the map.

Sniff sniff. They grow up so fast.

For more information, see the writeup by All Things D or visit Urban Airship.

[Full disclosure: Urban Airship is an alum of PIE. I work for PIE.]

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