Have your PIE and eat it too. I mean, if we have pie at Portland Lunch 2.0.

Given that March 14 is pi day—you know, 3.14—we thought that would be the most appropriate day for PIE to host Portland Lunch 2.0. And apparently you agreed.

There’s only one little problem…

You see, PIE isn’t terribly big. And there are a whole heck of a lot of you who have RSVPd for the event. So we won’t be having the event in PIE.

But we’ll still be hosting it. Over at Henry’s Tavern.

With nearly 500 people attending, it’s bound to be a little crazy. But we hope you’ll still plan on joining us.

What’s PIE you ask? PIE is the Portland Incubator Experiment, a startup accelerator that helps early stage startups with office space, a little capital, a lot of mentorship, and a whole bunch of connections. All in hopes of making Portland one of the most awesome startup towns in the world. What’s more, we’ve partnered with Wieden+Kennedy—creators of “Just Do It,” the Old Spice Guy, and the agency of record for Facebook—to give startups access to agency creatives and brand partners.

And in addition to it being pi day, it’s also smack dab in the middle of PIE applications. Meaning that if you’ve got a startup, we’d love to talk to you. And I mean, who in this town doesn’t have a startup or side project, really? Am I right?

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? Ahem.

PIE could be the place for you. And you could be on the road to becoming the next Urban Airship or Cloudability or any number of other amazing PIE alums.

So if you’re interested in applying to PIE, submit your application via AngelList or Google Docs. Not quite ready? Here’s a cheat sheet with the PIE application questions to help you prepare. Have questions? Please track down one of the PIE staff, alums, or mentors at lunch to chat about the program and give us the pitch on your startup.

For more information or to RSVP for lunch, visit Portland Lunch 2.0. For information on PIE and applying to be part of it, visit PIE, follow @piepdx on Twitter, like PIE on Facebook, or follow PIE on AngelList.

[Full disclosure: I cofounded and work for PIE.]

  1. Dang that was one heck of a crowd today.

    Thank you

  2. Nice going on getting such a huge turnout. See you there.

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