That's the ticket: Mobile ticketing startup GlobeSherpa recognized as TiE Oregon's 2012 success story

I’ve got to say. I love what TiE is doing around here. And they’re continuing to gain momentum. This week, they highlighted TiE Oregon’s success story for 2012. The honoree? GlobeSherpa, a Portland Seed Fund alum and a TiE Oregon investment.

GlobeSherpa, as you may know, is a Portland startup that is reinventing ticketing for public transit—by moving it to your mobile phone. TriMet is working with them on a pilot.

But all of this might have never come to pass if not for some solid mentoring from TiE Oregon.

At a TiE Oregon event this year, “Tips from the Trenches,” where Nat Parker was a panelist, Nat said that the meeting was a turning point for GlobeSherpa. Two weeks later, Michael and Nat quit their jobs based on Nitin’s honest and very candid feedback. Nitin immediately committed to invest $25k in GlobeSherpa and within six weeks, Nitin and other TiE Angels (Raj Kulkarni, Nitin Khanna, Eric Doebele, Durgam Chakrapani, Jim Huston via PSF, Clent and Sharon Richardson and Monica Enand among others) all had committed to investing in GlobeSherpa.

TiE Oregon Angels lead a Series A Seed round that created a momentum that spiraled upwards. On March 1, 2012, a seed funding round of $500,000 was closed. It included angel investors in Portland, Seattle and one in San Francisco, the Portland Seed Fund and members of the Alliance of Angels in Seattle.

For more on the recognition, visit TiE Oregon. For more on the company, visit GlobeSherpa.