Portland loves its WordPress. And now, WordPress loves it right back. With a Janrain partnership.

If you blog in Portland, chances are you’re using WordPress—the blogging and content management platform built by Automattic. And there’s good reason. WordPress has played a defining role in our little tech community.

How you ask? Well, in the early days of this generation of tech startups, WordPress was one of the products that originally brought many of us together—and continues to bring us together today.

We gathered to hack on it during the early days of Beer and Blog. WordCamp Portland regularly brings a ton of WordPress faithful together to share tips and tricks. And last but not least, we’ve got a gaggle of Automatticians working right here in town.

Well today, that Portland-WordPress bond got a little stronger when local startup Janrain announced a partnership with Automattic to implement social logins on WordPress.com, the hosted version of the Automattic platform.

Media executives have long sought after a technology solution that enables enterprises to acquire, understand and engage audiences more successfully to personalize their brand. This solution would need to be easy to integrate without giving up performance, scalability, security or general web development best practices.

To address these challenges, Automattic has selected Janrain as their preferred technology partner for User Management. Janrain’s User Management Platform (JUMP) provides turnkey registration, social profile storage and user insight solutions so WordPress.com VIP customers can acquire more users and become even better marketers.

Well, for the VIPs at least. But that’s a good place to start. VentureBeat is one of those VIPs.

Those big publishers include traditional media agencies such as CNN and the New York Times, as well as many of the top technology blogs. TechCrunch, GigaOm, and VentureBeat, for example, all run on WordPress VIP and will have access to the new technology.

“Any customers can now with a single click add Janrain to their websites,” Automattic’s Paul Maiorana says. “Our goal is to make it really easy for our customers to engage with third party platforms.”

For more information, see Janrain’s press release. For more on WordPress and the like, visit Automattic.