Portland a potential place for PivotDesk participants

It’s a well known fact that in Portland, we love our coffee shop working. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a desk to use. In an office. And for offices, sometimes it’s nice to have some new people in the space. That’s where TechStars alum PivotDesk comes in.

What’s PivotDesk, you ask? Well, think of it as the Airbnb of desk space. Folks who are looking for a short term desk can pop into an office that has extra space. Win win.

And now, Portland has a chance to try it.

The Spaced Out Cities Initiative connects Entrepreneurs across the country that have excess office space with Startups that need room to grow their business for now.

Bring Portland out of stealth mode! Build community love for Portland by sharing this page, posting your available space, and adding yourself to the VIP Guest list to find the space you need.

Sound interesting? Well sign up for the PivotDesk Spaced Out campaign—as either a desk user or a host—and see if you can convince them to come to town.

  1. Awesome! I’ve been wanting a service like this in the city for a long time!

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