Want to pitch Upstart Labs? You've got until May 2 to sign up for the OEN PubTalk Pitch

There are a lot of awesome organizations in Portland designed to help startups. But one of my favorite things going right now is Upstart Labs. Even better? They could be helping your startup… if your pitch hooks them.

Upstart Labs is partnering with OEN for a pitch contest on Wednesday, May 8. Companies will get about five minutes to pitch, followed by five minutes of Q&A. A winner will be selected from a panel of partners from Upstart Labs.

The selected startup will receive a package of go-to-market services from the team at Upstart Labs. Upstart Labs and OEN will select 6 companies from those who apply online by Thursday to participate in the event.

Do your startup have what it takes to fit the bill? Well, here’s what Upstart Labs is seeking:

  • Companies in one of our target segments, which include mobile apps, analytics tools, enterprise software apps, and business-to-business software as a service
  • An experienced team looking to innovate and/or disrupt an industry they know well
  • An opportunity for Upstart Labs’ team of strategists, designers, developers and marketers to accelerate the winning startup business

The winner will be invited to Upstart’s offices for a half-day Go-To-Market Working Session—part of Upstart’s services for market-ready startups. While there, companies will partner with Upstart to create:

  • A Business Model Canvas – clearly outlining their strategies and key assumptions
  • An Elevator Positioning Worksheet – articulating their competitive differentiation
  • A Key Messages Map – with value propositions for each buyer persona

Sounds awesome, right? What’s the catch? Well, the catch is that you need to get your application to pitch submitted. Like right now. They’re due Thursday, May 2.

So get to it. You can apply online at OEN.

For more information, visit Upstart Labs.

  1. I’d love eventually to start applying for things like this with my own startup at NE1UP. Most require a team, so I’m still plugging away as a solo founder, learning the skills required to build what I want – still, LOVE that I’m in the right city for new startup support!

    Go PDX, this is an awesome opportunity for people!

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