File under "Meta": Successful Portland Kickstarter project Wide Body an accessory for a successful Kickstarter project

You all probably remember the Pebble, right? That watch that talks to your smart phone? The one that took that Kickstarter by storm and raised a whopping $10 million? Well, a Portland company just succeeded in Kickstarting an accessory for that successful kickstarter project. Meet the Wide Body.

Seems the folks at Portland’s Utensile—makers of the popular Twig iPhone USB charger, itself a Kickstarter project—found the existing Pebble strap to be, well, a little thin.

So they decided to give you an option.

Pebble is a nice product, and great products should also have great accessories. Many Pebble backers are excited about the idea of using replacement watch straps to personalize their devices, and we are too.

The stock Pebble strap is 22 mm wide. Replacing that with another 22 mm strap is one way to make your Pebble stand out, but we think that lots of guys are going to want a wide strap. WIDE BODY compliments Pebble’s shape to make the watch itself look slimmer–and better.

And apparently, people are liking that option. The project has been successfully funded.

If you’d like to grab one before the campaign ends, head over to the Wide Body Kickstarter page in the next day or two.