Oregon Technology Awards names Cloudability "Startup of the Year"

Last week, the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) held their annual Oregon Technology Awards, an event designed to recognize the achievements of tech companies here in Oregon. Portland’s Cloudability walked away with the honors as “Startup of the Year.”

We’re thrilled to announce that Cloudability was selected last night as “Startup of the Year” at the 2013 Oregon Technology Awards, hosted by the Technology Association of Oregon at the Portland Art Museum. We want to thank everyone at the TAO as well as all of our supporters around Oregon and the world.

Looking around us at the awards ceremony, we saw other startups like OpenSesame and Vendscreen alongside “Rising Star” companies such as PuppetLabs, Janrain and Elemental Technologies. We’re humbled and honored to be considered part of a group consisting of strong players like these.

Cloudability is an alum of PIE, Portland Seed Fund, TechStars, and 500 startups. Their investors are a who’s who of Portland Angels coupled with established venture capital firms like Foundry Group.

PIE alum VendScreen was the runner-up in the “Startup of the Year” category.

For the complete list of winners, see Mike Rogoway’s post. For more information on the event, visit Oregon Technology Awards.

[Full disclosure: I cofounded PIE. I serve on the board of the TAO. And I was on the selection committee for the “Startup of the Year” award. I abstained from voting on any companies with which I had a conflict of interest.]

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