Portland startup Lucky Sort acquired by Twitter

Portland startup Lucky Sort, which has been focused on analyzing trends and patterns in written content in an attempt to predict market fluctuations, has been acquired by Twitter.

LuckySort founder Noah Pepper announced the acquisition—where else—via Twitter.

The company’s home page tells the story of the acquisition.

Two years ago I started Lucky Sort with several friends. Our goal was to make huge document sets easier to analyze, summarize and visualize by building elegant and user friendly tools for text analysis.

Today I’m very excited to announce that our journey has entered a new phase: Lucky Sort has been acquired by Twitter!

Sarah Perez at TechCrunch provides additional insights:

In effect, Lucky Sort was a big data play – it used NLP (natural language processing) techniques to discover information from huge, unstructured data sets. Last November, the engine was put to practical use through a partnership with the social network for traders, StockTwits. The relationship offered the entire historical database of StockTwits (everything that had been tweeted or shared within the community), as well as a real-time feed coming into its service. These data sets were made available in Lucky Sort’s analysis interface, to allow investors to come in and examine how chatter in the StockTwits community has correlated with price action.

Portland’s Values of N was acquired by Twitter in 2008.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more information, visit Lucky Sort.

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