Get ready to get Cozy

While seeing new companies start and grow in Portland is amazing, having awesome companies decide to open up offices here is pretty darn cool, too. So when Cozy said they were opening a Portland office, I was pretty excited. Now, I’m even more excited because Cozy is live.

I am stoked to announce Cozy launched today, and we’re now available to anyone in the United States. In our six month beta period we have grown quickly, and are already being used by thousands of renters and landlords in over 320 U.S. markets. Here’s a map from one of our internal dashboards showing ZIP codes where Cozy is being used today – around 450.

What’s Cozy do? Well they’re aiming to streamline and improve the management of rental properties for both landlords and tenants. And they’re planning to get there with amazing design and user experience.

According to cofounder Gino Zhand, they’re growing quickly and actively hiring in Portland. Cozy’s other cofounder—John Bragg—just relocated to Portland to run the office.

For more information on the company, see the blog post announcing Cozy’s launch.