In need of some entrepreneurial inspiration? PSU Elevating Impact Summit takes place tomorrow

Obviously, I’m a big fan of startups. I mean… yeah. But when it comes to truly awesome startups, I always appreciate the people who are struggling to build a business and change the world for the better. And there’s no better group of folks than PSU’s “impact entrepreneurs.”

What’s an impact entrepreneur, you ask?

Based in Portland State University’s School of Business, Impact entrepreneurs is a network of individuals and organizations committed to fostering economic, social, and ecological prosperity through entrepreneurial action. Impact Entrepreneurs delivers local and global initiatives that advance its mission to unleash the power of business for social impact. Programs include Social enterprise Field Studies, a life-changing, intercultural practicum for graduate students and community members; the entrepreneurial Leadership Program, delivering business education and social innovation leadership training to organizations in the U.S. and worldwide; and the Social Innovation Incubator, with tracks for both startups and established social enterprises.

And their annual event is the Friday. It’s called the Elevating Impact Summit.

The Elevating Impact Summit, brought to you by Impact Entrepreneurs at Portland State University, is a celebration of new approaches to generating social impact across business, social, public, and academic sectors. This event features a dynamic day of interactive discussion and learning sessions, inspiring speakers, first-hand accounts from social entrepreneurs and innovators, and opportunities to connect with a diverse audience of business professionals, cutting edge entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and students all working to realize the full potential of business for positive impact.

Pretty cool, right? Well, if you’re interested in attending, tickets are still available. Just show up at the door. The event is held at the Gerding Theater in the Armory, starting at 9AM.

Unfortunately, if you attend, you’ll have to deal with me moderating one of the panels. But other than that? Totally worth it.

For more information, visit PSU Elevating Impact Summit.

  1. Thank you, Molly! It was nice to see you in the audience.

  2. Great panel on media, Rick. You were an excellent moderator (and there were some great — and challenging — questions from the crowd). Loved it! Meant to come chat, but I got distracted by taking a picture next to the super-sized PDX set.

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