Miners allowed: New Tellagence tool digs through Twitter for relevant topical data

It should come as no surprise that Portland gets analytical about things. Webtrends took an early lead in the world of Web analytics—and continues to innovate on monitoring what’s happening on the Web, today. And it’s led to a prevalence of thoughtful and creative data visualizations—from companies like Periscopic, for example—are changing the way people think about data.

So it stands to reason that a company that combines interesting visualizations with in-depth analysis of Web behavior could find Portland a quite comfortable home. And Tellagence has.

And soon you’ll get the chance to experience even more of what they’re building. You see, Tellagence has recently allowed a few select folks access to their second offering, called Tellagence Discover.

What’s it do? Well according to The Oregonian:

Tellagence Discover is designed for those who want to identify and research audiences on Twitter, including agencies, marketers, product developers and market researchers.

Users go to the company’s website and type in as many as three words on a topic or category. Then a special behavioral analytics algorithm mines Twitter to produce words and themes trending on that subject. The search takes up to 24 hours.

Users can then analyze and download data, looking for information that might be useful in product, branding and market research.

Tellagence is an alum of the Portland Seed Fund startup accelerator.

For more information, visit Tellagence.