What's that sound? Digimarc pursues audio watermarking as an alternative to acoustic fingerprinting

As I always preface these posts… I realize Digimarc falls outside the realm of the traditional startup coverage here on Silicon Florist. But quite frankly, some of the new stuff they’ve been pursuing is pretty interesting—and applicable to startups. Take audio watermarking.

Unlike acoustic fingerprinting—which relies on technology to recognize an audible chunk of content—Digimarc’s technology enables content providers to add an audio watermark that is inaudible to humans but discernible by devices. These watermarks open up a whole new set of opportunities for engaging audiences. And can often work in situations where fingerprinting can’t, like noisy venues.

For those of you who’ve been following the company, you realize that Digimarc has long been pushing the envelope for digital watermarking. But truly effective applications of the technology have been difficult to come by. (Trust me. I used to work there.) The growing prevalence of smart devices, however, could be providing the perfect platform for this interesting technology to shine.

“The advantages of assigning unique digital identities to every media component are game changing for mobile marketing, and no other vendor provides such a comprehensive and effective offering,” said Ed Knudson, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Digimarc.

For more on audio watermarking and the Digimarc Discover platform, visit Digimarc.