Uber curious? Meet with Uber folks about service in Portland 4PM July 17 at Caffe Umbria

As you may have heard, Uber—the on-demand personal driver service—has high hopes for being a transportation option here in Portland. But there are a few odd regulations holding them back. They’d love to chat with you about it if you’ve got a few minutes to swing by Caffe Umbria, this afternoon.


And to sweeten the deal? They’re offering you $20 off of your first Uber ride. Even though it won’t be in Portland.


Get more details by meeting at Caffe Umbria at 4PM Wednesday July 17.

And yes, I totally need to start a “better late than never” category for all of the last minute warnings I provide. Sorry about that.

  1. About time. Hopefully they’ll roll out flat rate to the airport as they’ve done for SFO>SF / SJC>PA.

  2. Great to meet with Andrew and the other folks of Uber! Really exited to see them come to Portland.

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