Heading to the GROW Conference? Go by train and spend some quality time with your peers

The GROW Conference in Vancouver—no the other one—has become a must-attend event for many tech types on the west coast. And there’s no better way to get there than hanging out with a bunch of awesome tech people on a train from Portland to Vancouver.

“Geeks on Rails” is the best way to meet your new BFFs who are going to GROW. Get on the party train starting in Portland, stopping in Seattle and heading up to beautiful Vancouver. There’s wifi, drinks, food, and 150+ geeks including founders, investors, bloggers, developers, designers, and more. Many of the GROW speakers are also on-board!

The train leaves Portland at 2:45PM on August 13. It makes it to Seattle around 6:00PM and arrives in Vancouver around 10:00PM.

The ride sold out last year. So if you’re interested, it’s best to reserve your seat on the GROW train sooner rather than later.

For more on the conference, visit GROW Conference.

  1. I did the train and conference last year, had a blast! Looking forward to doing both again this year.

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