Jennifer Jaffe joins Jama

In the past, one of the knocks against Portland’s startup scene has been a lack of seasoned executive talent. But that’s starting to change. Especially with Portland’s startup scene gaining more acclaim and making it easier for startups to find—or import—the talent they need.

And we just saw another example of that today as Jama Software named Jennifer Jaffe as Vice President of Product.

Jaffe brings more than 20 years experience in product management and positioning. Prior to joining Jama, Jaffe directed product strategy for Tendril, a cloud-based software provider of both enterprise and consumer energy apps based in Boulder, Colorado. At Tendril, Jaffe worked directly and closely with strategic clients to develop and iterate products to deliver business and program objectives. She’ll do the same at Jama, where customer satisfaction is a top priority. Her background also includes executive roles at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, InFocus and Toshiba.

“I have been working in product management for years, and have felt acutely the pain point Jama is dedicated to solving. Products fail to meet expectations more often than not, caused by disconnects between development and business teams,” Jennifer said in a press release. “If we can nail this product delivery challenge, Jama’s growth opportunity is tremendous. I am excited to contribute at the one company ambitious enough to tackle this universal problem.”

For more on the new hire, see the Jama press release.