Something to crow about: Portland's Chirpify wraps up $6 million Series A

In a startup world of composed of cofounders where the solo founder is often written off, Chirpify is one of those scrappy single-founder tech startups that is making consistent progress. Today, the company—founded by Chris Teso—announced they have closed their Series A funding at $6 million.

Part of Chris’ success as a founder has been a knack for finding talented folks who believe in his vision. Early on, Upstart Labs helped Chirpify refine its vision and product. And Voyager Capital bet on the company, going in far earlier than they have on a number of previous deals.

Now Chirpify has grown to a company of 14. And this latest round of investment has them smack dab in the middle of a network of household names.

Chirpify, the social commerce platform, today announced that it has added an additional $4 million in funding to its series A round, bringing the total round to $6 million. New investors include Saturn Partners, Provenance Ventures, “the hoops whisperer” Idan Ravin who has trained NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and Kevin Durant, former Interscope Geffen A&M Vice Chairman David Cohen, and more. They join previously announced investor Voyager Capital, which contributed $2 million to the series A.

What do they do that’s attracting this sort of attention and capital? Well, they basically turn your social channels into transactional retail streams.

Chirpify enables you to sell digital and physical items directly in-stream on Social Media. Consumers just reply “buy” to purchase.

And they’re not stopping there, according to Mike Rogoway at The Oregonian:

As Chirpify has talked with more potential customers, Teso said they’ve been asking for more than just simple transactions. They want to enable people to sign on to online contests, sign up for e-mail newsletters, or connect to a marketing campaign through social networks.

For example, he said, a company might advertise a promotional contest on TV. Viewers could enter the contest by Tweeting a hashtag — Chirpify would then make the connection between the advertiser and the Tweeter.

For more information visit Chirpify.

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  2. Why do people care? Buying things, in your social streams? Who… cares… Go outside. Make something. Create something. You turds, sitting in front of your pintrest eating cheetos. Makes me sick. Yeah for start-ups, but this is enabling the lazy.

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