Ken Keiter builds a skeu… a skeu… a digital representation of a credit card for enhancing online payments

Skeumorphism” is one of those words that enters your vocabulary surreptitiously after watching one too many Apple WWDC keynotes. And you’re always hoping—since it’s now stuck in your head—that there might be a better representation of it than faux digital leather.

Portland’s Ken Keiter may have just hit upon it. With Skeuocard.

When you begin entering your card number, Skeuocard attempts to match it to an accepted card type. Once it is able to do so, it modifies the layout of the card to match the card product (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and makes any tweaks specific to the issuer — for example, the special layout of the Chase Sapphire card.

As you enter your information, Skeuocard modifies the underlying form values from your original, non-enhanced form. It also validates each field to find simple user mistakes and missing fields.

It’s one of those things that—once you see it—you’ll be scratching your head as to why it didn’t exist before.

If you’re interested in the thinking behind the project, Ken provides a great writeup detailing his thoughts on Skeuocard, as well.

The project is also available on Github.

For more information, visit Skeuocard. To see what others are saying, see the Skeuocard post on Hacker News.