Get a job: Mac's List and HiringThing team up to make Portland job searches even better

Talent, talent, talent. It’s a common refrain among Portland startups these days. Folks need to find the right people. They need to hire. And they need to do all of that as quickly and efficiently as possible. Well, now a partnership between two Portland startups—Mac’s List and HiringThing—may make hiring a whole heck of a lot easier.

As part of this alliance, employers posting jobs on Mac’s List can easily integrate with HiringThing to manage the entire hiring process, saving organizations time and money on the hiring process. And HiringThing customers can increase their exposure to Portland-area job seekers by purchasing Mac’s List postings within their HiringThing account with just one click.

“HiringThing’s easy-to-use tools make it much easier for the nonprofits and other Oregon employers we serve to find the best local candidates,” said Mac Prichard, founder and publisher of Mac’s List. “And this benefits our readers looking for work because HiringThing helps employers find and hire people faster.”

For more information, visit Mac’s List and HiringThing.