MOAR Portland startup collaboration: PDC establishes cross functional entrepreneurship liaison

When you work to build momentum, it’s always nice to have someone helping that momentum to continue. That’s why I’m incredibly happy to see the Portland Development Commission focusing staff resources on improving the collaboration among all of our entrepreneurial communities.

The new role will be filled by Katherine Krajnak.

According to PDC:

Katherine will be focused on supporting entrepreneurial firms and serving as a liaison to the startup community. Katherine has been at PDC in various roles for more than four years, and most recently managed the Startup PDX Challenge and the Produce Row Initiative in the Central Eastside. Her work will encompass the bolstering of not only Portland’s tech startups, but also high-growth entrepreneurs across industry and throughout the city. Initial priorities include launching the next Startup PDX Challenge, partnering with local research universities to promote technology commercialization, supporting a City sponsored early adopter/procurement program, and developing an inclusive entrepreneurship action plan to connect entrepreneurs of color and women entrepreneurs to Portland’s startup ecosystem.

“I do my best work on projects that demand collaboration, tenacity, creativity, and a startup mentality,” said Katherine. “I can’t wait to start working with Portland entrepreneurs and developing meaningful partnerships with the city’s startup community.”

We’ve had great support for the tech startup community through PDC. And I’m looking forward to getting their help in breaking down some of the silos we’ve got here in town. Because if we can get all of the Portland startups talking to one another, that’s going to be huge.

“PDC and Mayor Hales recognize that job creation and economic growth spring from expansion by local companies,” said Chris Harder, Business & Industry Division Manager for the PDC. “Our support of entrepreneurs and the city’s startup community marks the strategic effort to enhance economic opportunity and Portland’s global competitiveness.”

It’s always nice to have a point person on a project. Stay tuned. I think this could be a really compelling way to aggregate all of the awesomeness in town that’s currently running in all sorts of different directions.

Want to interact with Katherine firsthand? She’s voicing the @StartupCityPDX account on Twitter.

(Image courtesy protogarrett. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. Good to see that PDC has committed a role specifically to private/public partnerships with all players in the tech startup community!

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