Portland on rails: Both Portland Streetcar and TriMet now offer mobile passes with GlobeSherpa

You probably already knew that you could get TriMet bus and MAX fares on your mobile phone, thanks to Portland startup GlobeSherpa. Now, Portland Streetcar is offering mobile tickets as well. (Also powered by GlobeSherpa.) Meaning, your ticket to get anywhere in town on public transit? It’s your phone.

“Providing our customers with a new channel to purchase Streetcar tickets is very exciting,” said Rick Gustafson, Executive Director of Portland Streetcar. “Now, Portland Streetcar riders can buy tickets directly from their phones without having to wait in line or have exact change.”

Portland Streetcar Inc. makes it easier than ever to ride public transit with the introduction today of a new mobile ticketing application for use with iPhone or Android devices. Portland Streetcar riders can now download the free PDX Streetcar Mobile Ticket app from an app store and begin buying and using Streetcar tickets with just a few clicks.

This is pretty cool. I know the GlobeSherpa folks have put a ton of thought and effort into the platform. It will be interesting to see how this affects ridership now that tickets are literally a click away.

For more information, visit GlobeSherpa or see The Oregonian’s writeup on TriMet ticketing.

  1. This is fantastic! So excited this is finally available!

  2. I hope they release some numbers on how much the service is being used.

    I have been using it for the last week and it works great but one bus driver did tell me I was the first person she had seen use it.

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