Do… or do not. There is no try: Epipheo cofounder's Sincerely Truman advises JJ Abrams on Star Wars

When it comes to compelling videos, Portland’s Jon Collins knows a thing or two. So it only makes sense that his latest venture, Sincerely Truman—a carve out from the company he cofounded, Epipheo—is kicking off with a video providing tips for JJ Abrams as he helms the new Star Wars movies.

You know, director to director sort of stuff.

And maybe you’re wondering why Epipheo sounds familiar. Well, the company began back in 2009. It was one of the original companies in PIE back in the early days. And it achieved what most people thought to be impossible: it explained what the hell Google Wave was.

So with chops like that, you can only imagine what sort of insights they might have for JJ Abrams as he takes on the Star Wars franchise. I mean, not like he needs the help. He totally crushed it on those episodes of Felicity.

But that aside, Jon and his crew felt they could help give JJ a little focus. And of course, they’ve delivered that advice in the form of a video.

For more information, visit Dear JJ Abrams or Sincerely Truman.

[Full disclosure: I cofounded PIE and annoyed Jon while he was trying to do voiceovers back in the day.]