New growth forest: Portland startups begin to crack the Silicon Forest 25

It’s starting to happen. Portland startups are gaining national—and international—recognition. The impact of the tech scene is starting to rival the heyday preceding the Silicon Forest when we were more forest than silicon. And now, some of the more mature startups of this generation are beginning to join the ranks of traditional heavyweights in town.

Only one member of Portland’s current startups generation (Elemental Technologies) made the list, but others are coming on strong. Jama Software, for example, doubled revenues last year and forecasts another doubling this year.

Jama, Puppet Labs, Act-On Software and Janrain all benefit from hearty backing from venture capitalists, accelerating their growth rates.

While the companies have had a very strong showing among their peers and are hugely supportive of the Portland startup scene, it’s cracking into these lists—composed of metrics by which traditional companies have been judged—that will truly make these startups household names around Portland.

For more, see The Oregonian’s coverage of the Silicon Forest 25 for 2013 and the startups to who may join the Silicon Forest 25, next year.

(Image courtesy Mike Rohrig. Used under Creative Commons.)

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