Bend and Duck: Upcoming Oregon Startup Weekends in Bend and Eugene

Oh my. What a well-rounded-breakfast of a day on Silicon Florist. First, I got to post something about Corvallis and Portland. And now I get to drop something about Eugene and Bend. And that’s because Startup Weekends are happening in those two locations in the coming weeks.

That’s right, friends. That pioneering Oregon spirit is translating into Startup Weekends all over.

First up is Eugene Startup Weekend, October 11-13. Where you’ll have the opportunity to work with current and former Ducks, Palo Alto Software, the CEO of Ninkasi Brewing, and a whole bunch of other awesome people.

If you’re in or around Eugene, you’re not going to want to miss this. Register for Eugene Startup Weekend.

Looking for something more centrally located? Well get ready to be happy. Bend has a Startup Weekend of its own. And it’s coming up the very next weekend, October 18-20.

And it gets even better. They’ve partnered with the Bend Venture Conference to make it even better.

The Bend Venture Conference (BVC) has been working with the local Startup Weekend organizers to create a BVC BENDER! Immediately following the BVC on Friday, October 18th it’s looking pretty certain that Startup Weekend participants will have the opportunity to hear from none other Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur and global advocate for the lean startup methodology. Steve is the keynote speaker at BVC and friend of Startup Weekends worldwide. Bend is extremely fortunate to have Steve come to our town and we are excited that he will be a part of the weekend as well.

Wait. What the…? Steve Blank? Are you kidding me? That’s pretty awesome.

So there you go, Oregon. Get working on those startups. And take the opportunity to gather in Eugene and Bend to meet your peers. I’m really looking forward to hearing about your concepts.

Also, is it just me, or do other people think there should be a Ninkasi Startup Weekend vs Deschutes Startup Weekend? Just sayin’.

  1. Rumor is that the first 15 teens to signup for Bend get in free…..

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