And so it begins: "Eugene Tech" blog and calendar launches to cover the Eugene scene

It’s been awesome watching the Eugene tech scene continuing to gather steam. But I haven’t always done the best job of covering the awesomeness down there from up here in the Rose City. That’s why I’m happy to hear that Eugene is taking matters into its own hands. Introducing Eugene Tech, a blog and calendar cover the Eugene tech scene.

Last Thursday I was talking to @JoeMaruschak at the coffee start-up morning thing he does. I was asking if anyone wanted to start a blog for Eugene that would be like the Silicon Florist for Portland. He and some others at the table thought it was a good idea…

To get a feel for what’s happening, visit the Eugene Tech blog or the tech calendar.

  1. It would be great if Eugene would become part of the Silicon Forest!!! Oregon and Washington are great and need to come together and get Silicon Forest in Silicon Valley. Silicon Forest was in Times Square “The sum of all parts equal the whole.”

  2. Thanks for noticing.

  3. And of course …. powered and syndicated by Syndical, all across their home town of Eugene and all across Oregon

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