High tech meets hi-fi: Open source speakers use super capacitors to provide hours of listening on minutes of charge

So if someone were to rethink the portable speaker—you know, make it beautiful, handcrafted, useful, efficient, awesome, crowdfunded, and open source—where would be a good spot to do that? Yup. Portland. Meet Blueshift. And get ready to be happy about what they’re building.

Meet Helium, the supercapacitor-powered portable speaker.

And keeping with the local vibe, they’re an alum of the Gorge Bootcamp and they’re running their crowdfunding campaign on local platform Crowd Supply.

For more information—or if you like what you see and want to back it—visit Blueshift’s Helium campaign.

  1. I met Sam at the PSF Pitch for a Beer event and got to try out his speakers. Really remarkable sound, and though the version I saw was an earlier prototype, it looks like the finished products are really beautiful craftsmanship. Very Portland, and very cool!

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