Portland's OpenSesame, ShopIgniter, and VendScreen all land funding

There have been a number of Portland startups that have pulled in new funding, this year. And it’s nice to see the Portland Business Journal’s Malia Spencer reporting the efforts. OpenSesame, ShopIgniter, and VendScreen all announced funding this January, totaling more than $25 million.

OpenSesame raises $8 million

The Series A round was led by Partech Ventures, a global venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin, and general partner Nicolas El Baze will join the company’s board. The remaining investors in the round had previously participated in the company’s seed and angel round, said Josh Blank, company co-founder and senior vice president and general manager.

ShopIgniter raises $1.5 million

CEO Matt Compton described the raise from existing investors as relatively procedural but noted it will help the firm’s “focus on social performance marketing for huge companies and big brands.”

VendScreen raises $17.8 million

“Vendscreen is about bringing the power of the cloud to the vending industry,” said Tony Arnerich, chairman and managing director of 3X5 Special Opportunity Fund, in a written statement. “As demonstrated by the size of our investment, we believe in Vendscreen and the innovative technology they bring to the vending marketplace.”

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