Visit TiE Pearl Incubator to hear founders share their fearless tales of fundraising. Well, okay, maybe with some fear.

For those who haven’t been through it—and sometimes even for those who have—fundraising can be a strange and nebulous concept. That’s why it’s always good to hear from people who have been through it successfully. Because no two stories are the same. And they’re often rife with a series of failures along the way.

If you are an entrepreneur pitching at pitch competitions and to groups of investors, an outcome like that can often seem like a pipe dream. You might think it’s just a question of luck, or that you just have to have a lot of passion for your idea; but it takes the right combination of factors to make such deals happen.

The basic premise is obvious: investors want a return on their investment. But how do you get introduced to the right investor for your company? What is going to convince them that they will get a return on the investment? How do you negotiate the deal?

Now, you’ll get to hear insights, firsthand, from founders at Portland startups—AppThwack, MobileRQ, OnTheGo Platforms, and OpenSesame—who all have slightly varying versions of fundraising stories to tell.

The event takes place Thursday, February 20th, at the TiE Pearl Incubator, 6:00PM-8:30PM. TiE Members may attend for $15, while the general public may attend for $25.

For more information or to register, visit TiE Panel Discussion: Founders’ Funding Stories.

  1. Events with local stories like this are super helpful to the community. Kudos to TiE for putting this one one! TiE was enormously helpful in helping us with Geoloqi.

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