Working with junior developers: Planet Argon shares some lessons learned

It’s been amazing to watch the growing prevalence of coding schools and platforms that are helping people learn how to develop in modern languages and technologies. It’s definitely the right first step in helping solve our industry’s issue with a dearth of dev talent.

But fact of the matter is that the type of talent that most companies are seeking is senior talent. Or at least experienced talent. And, obviously, as with many skills, the learning and the practical application of that learning can be a far cry from one another.

So how do we bridge that gap? Well, Portland’s Planet Argon recently took the chance to give some junior developers experience within their organization. And they’ve been working on documenting how it’s going.

Planet Argon recently hired two Epicodus graduates as junior Ruby on Rails developers: Abby Ihrig and Ana Tighe. I took some time to sit down with them and see how things are going so far. It was great talking to them about their experiences starting as junior developers here. We touched on some interesting points, including company culture, favorite apps, music, and some insights for people interested in development.

To get the whole story, visit Planet Argon’s blog.